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Dear Customers,
Please read all of the following information carefully.
The Government have implemented COVID-Safe practices that all cinemas have to follow to be open. This plan covers aspects of hygiene, cleaning & sanitation.
As part of this plan, we will have the following government guidelines in place:

  • We request that you DO NOT come to see a movie if you are feeling unwell (with any illness) or have been in contact with someone else who is unwell.
  • We have the right to refuse service to anyone that presents with symptoms of illness, you will be asked to leave.
  • We have staggered the starting times of our films to minimise any congestion in our foyer spaces between sessions.
  • We request that you READ AND FOLLOW all signage and markings in our venue.
  • We are required to keep a register of your contact details for record keeping (kept for a minimum of 56 days from your visit), this applies to all customers, staff, etc. who may come into the venue.
  • On arrival to our venue, you WILL BE REQUIRED to fill in a COVID-19 Contact Details form at our designated Check-in station, before you can purchase any tickets.
  • You WILL BE REQUIRED to use an alcohol sanitiser on arrival, in bathrooms and upon entry to cinemas (which is provided).
  • Social distancing will be in place wherever possible and we ask that you keep 1.5 meters between your group and any other customers in all areas of our venue, including in the cinemas, foyer, toilets, etc.
  • We will, as we always have, maintain extremely high levels of cleanliness in all aspects and areas of our venue.
  • Tap & pay or Eftpos are preferred methods of payment but cash will still be accepted.
We wish to thank you for your co-operation in this matter, as everyone’s safety is very important to us & our business.
Thank you for your continuous support and we looking forward to seeing you soon,
@ Cinemas Management Team


@ Cinemas On-screen Advertising


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Cinema audiences are relaxed, captive, comfortable, attentive and ready to be entertained. All of their attention is dawn to the screen. As the audience is in leisure-time mode it makes them open to the advertising displayed on the screen.

Cinema advertising offers the opportunity to reach and connect to customers on a personal level. The cinema is an experience in itself and your business could be part of that experience. Cinema advertising reaches those customers that are harder to reach with mainstream media.

Cinemas are clear of distractions. Your advertisement is brought to life on the big screen using the latest digital playback, projection technology and surround sound speakers. The attention of customers is at high levels; therefore your cinema advertising is watched, listened to and absorbed within the cinema environment.

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Located at: Maryborough Central Plaza Shopping Centre, Bazaar Street
Office: 4123 0997
EFTPOS available - $10 minimum. ATM available in food court.

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